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Loc Retwist & Treatment Kit

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JoAnna S
I’m so excited I made the purchase!

Definitely a great buy! Having all the essentials I need to continue our healthy care journey on my family & I locs, this was a no brainer! I only wish the shampoo & conditioner were larger, nonetheless, I love the smells of all the products and can’t wait to continue purchasing!

Tiffany Brooks

Love it no complaints love how my retwist are lit 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I love everything! :)

I only wish I would have known about NappStar and your products earlier. I had already spent $$ on trying to get everything - clips, locking gel, etc separately. I don’t do a lot of social media like Instagram or Facebook, but I have been watching hundreds of YouTube videos about loc products and self maintenance. I accidentally stumbled on a video of an individual using your products to retwist someones hair, so I decided to look you up. At first I thought you weren’t on YouTube, but I realized you do have a channel. I think it would be a benefit to NappStar to have greater visibility on YouTube since you have kits especially formulated to bring the salon experience home. You could take the work/ videos you already post on Instagram and post them on YouTube also. Have you thought about asking YouTube influencers to do a free product review? Keisha Charmaine, Nina G., Keepin’ Up with Chyna, Onyx Goddess, & Leopardess, to name a few. They have influenced so many people and they take care of their locs at home. I hope you are not offended by my comments - maybe part of the focus of my Bachelor’s Degree was in marketing.

Now about the products. I LOVE! I LOVE! I LOVE! I love your packaging. I love that’s it’s biodegradable, NappStar cares about the planet, that’s important to me as a consumer. I love the fact you care about the ingredients in every product. I love the smells. I love the fun feel from the pink colors used in the logo and packaging. I love the fun feel I get from your CV Instagram videos, from the employees to the clients.

Also, a random though, has NappStar ever thought about Amazon? For greater product awareness and visibility and to cut down on shipping cost? I don’t know what that looks like on the vender side and if NappStar would be comfortable letting go of that last part of product and customer awareness. You would still have control, but not a hundred percent and that may not be for you.

Anywho, I hope you have a great day and continued success! I love and will continue to use your products! Thanks for the 10% off discount!

Frobie ;)

Fabienne SeideD01-131033

Love all of them, the smell is amazing, it’s a must have, my locs looks always fresh.

Aaliyah Massey
Love It !!!!

I love everything that was in the box , the dry gel is magical, the the lavender retainer oil smells like heaven , and the scalp treatment felt so relaxing and cleansing. 1000 out of 10!

The Retwist & Treatment Kit is the full kit to replicate the results the stylists achieve at the NappStar salon. It's literally everything used in the NappStar salon to ensure your clients locs are healthy, clean & moisturized once you finish their comb retwist. 

*DISCLAIMER: The Retwist Putty is sold out so we replaced it with a 4oz Strong Hold Retwist Gel. 

Included in your Kit

  • Shampoo & Treatment service we included:
    • Choose Shampoo : Clarifying, Tea Tree or Deep Moisture 
    • Moisture Conditioner
    • Sea Breeze Treatment 
    • Scalp Oil Treatment
    • Lint Free Towel
    • For your Retwist we included:
      • Strong Hold Retwist & Edge Gel*
      • Retwist Clips, Retwist Comb, Alligator Clip
      • Neck Strips 
      • Lavender Retwist Oil
      • For Your Loc Style we included:
        • Black Rubber Bands
        • Short & Long Hair Pins